A Blast From The Past!

Old School Games


Hula Hoop

Hop Scotch


Movie Day

Toy Story

Bring Favorite Toy

Dress Up As Any Character

70's Day

Peace & Love

Flower Pot Art Disco Dance

Splash Day

Swim Suits



Water Balloons

Bounce Ball Craze



Table Top Soccer

Cloud 9

Moon Day

Moon Rocks

Moon Slime

Marshmellow Moons

Outer Space

Galaxy Sand

Stars & Planets

Solar System Bracelets

Blast Off Day

Diy Rocket

Rocket Run

Astronaut Helmet

Under The Stars Star Craft

Glow Stick Toss

Glow In The Dark Slime

Solar System

Balloon Paint

Diy Nebula Jar

Alien Space Craft

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth Day

We Love Trees

Kite Day

Straw Ball

Fire Fighter Day


Plastic Bottle Bubbles

Tissue Paper Trees

Diy Kite

Boat Racing

Fire Cup Knock Down


Recycled Paper Art

Bobbing For Apples

Anemometer Craft

Wind Chimes

Shaving Cream Extinguisher


Diy Sun Catcher

Skeleton Leaves

Parachute Game

Bottle Airplane Craft

Ladder Run

Stars & Stripes

Hand Print Fireworks

Popsicle Stick Uncle Sam

Paper Plate Star Wreath

Bald Eagle Foot Print

Chalk Blast


Firework Straw Art

Patriotic Beading

4th of july Sparkle Bottle

USA Flag

Three Legged Race


Paper Lanterns

Star Hat

Star Slime

Bean Bag Toss

Paper Plate Fan


Patriotic Bingo

Ballon Pop Game

Red & Blue Ring Toss

Popcorn Game

Lawn Tic Tac Toe

Under The Sea

Jelly Fish Run

Sea Turtle Hunt

Crab Walk Relay

 Clown Fish Art

Octopus Pin The Leg


Sand Art

Waves In A Bottle

Sand & Water Bin

Spaghetti Ocean

Mermaid Slime


Sea Weed Limbo

Pop The Bubbles

Sand Dollar Cookies

Fish In A Bag Craft

Sea Shell Art


Paper Plate Fish

Pipe Cleaner Coral

Diy Sand castle

Fish Bowl Pong

Egg Carton Ocean




Creepy, Crawlers

Grasshopper Jump

Paper Plate Lady Bug

Stomp The Bugs I-SPY

Build A Bug

Bugs Life Movie Spider Crawl

Ant Finger Prints

Swat The Number Game

Play Dough Bugs

Bug Sorting

Ladybug Roll

Ants On A Log

Bop The Bug

Wiggle Worms

Butterfly Wing Match

Bug Hunt & Match

Celery Dragonflies

Spider Web Spin

Dirt In A Cup

A Walk On The Wild Side

Zoo Keeper Says Elephant Trunk Splash

Monkey Crackers Pin The Tail On The Zebra

Animal Prints Cheese Giraffes

Jungle Crawl

Build A Zoo

Face Painting King Of The Jungle Game


Play Dough Animals

Tube Binoculars

Tiddy Up Elephant Game

Safari Hats

Zoo Slime Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Plate Lions

Snake Chain

Zoo Chex Mix Monkey Swing

Down On The Farm

Animal Bowling

Milk The Cow

Who's In The Barn

Build A Farm

Piggy Pit


Tractor Crackers

Duck Prints

Wishy Wash Relay Horse Shoe Breadsticks

Horse Cookies

Egg Hunt

Feed The Animals

Bopping For Corn

Muddy Play Dough Round Up The Sheep


Potato Sack Racing

Hula Hoop The Horse

Knock Down The Milk Bottles

Rubber Duck Run

Horse Shoe Ring Toss

Dinosaur Explore

Dino Dig Build A Dinosaur

Dino Egg Hunt Paper Plate Dinosaur

T-Rex Says Feed The Dinosaur

Dino Quesadillas The Good Dinosaur Movie

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Ring Toss


Dinosaur Shapes Tissue Box Dino Feet

Dinosaur Tracks

Muddy Dinosaur

Dinosaur Stomp

Fossil Dough

Dinosaur Slime

Fossil Cookies

Play Dough Dino Fossils

Dino Limbo

Field Day Week

Tye Dye Shirts

Ball Pit

Pool Noodle Run

Obstacle Relay

Awards Day


Balancing Cups

Fill The Bucket

Water Ballon Fight

Sponge Paint

Outdoor Twister Pass The Water

Watergun Splash

Frisbee Golf

Egg & Spoon Race



Balloon Pop

Bean Bag Toss

Cup Racing

Disc Throwing

Sack Race



Hurry in and join us for our summer program!

June 11- August 24