Brookeside Learning Center

Curriculum Overview

  • Monthly Themed Curriculum: Age appropriate safe activities for each infant, individual activity, one on one teacher activity, peer activity

  • Communication of Growth and Developmental Checklist: Teacher provides daily sheets, observations, pictures, anecdotal notes on new milestone and developments with each child.

Note:  Infants follow a parent teacher collaborative schedule that fits the needs of each child. Feeding instructions are provided monthly by parents.

  • Language and Cognitive development

  • books, reading out loud, finger play, rhymes, songs, games, ASL, naming objects, following simple instructions

  • examples: story time, music playing in class while teacher dances, stacking rings, flash cards, poster board with emotions, sitting on the floor with verbal and ASL direction

  • Social and emotional development

    • Developing through games, familiar face interactions each day, sharing and playing near others, safe feeding and diapering practices, following a individual daily schedule, positive daily interaction with caregivers and others

  • Motor Development

  • Gross motor : activities to promote holding head up and steady, sitting with or without assistant, crawling, pulling up, push toys, rolling, throwing balls,  and climbing and crawling up and down soft play equipment.

  • Fine motor activities such as grasping objects with one hand, picking up small object (cereal), transferring a toy from one hand to the other.

  • Self help skills

    • feeding self when eating table food, holding sippy cup, napping once a day

    • Discovery/ Sensory

    • Sensory bottles, safe materials that stimulate the 5 senses, material found in nature,

    • Weekly Themed Curriculum: We understand our toddlers at this age are now mobile and enjoy exploring the world around them with hands on experiences. This is why our environments are divided into centers to give focus to a specific area of academic play.  The daily activities allow for all children to learn safely in both their indoor and outdoor environment.

    • Communication and Developmental Evaluation: We continue our open lines of communication with each family on a daily basis with a daily sheet documenting diapering/ potty, meals, nap time, story of the day, song, activity, and math and literacy experience. We also begin documenting milestones and progress through developmental checklist, observations and documentation of each child. 

    All activities are not limited only altered to meet the ability and age of each child

    • Cognitive/ language skills

  • simple instructions, listens and participates in singing and finger plays, names and identifies familiar objects, understands or communicates verbally or using ASL, points or verbally communicates needs, follows 2 step directions, sorts shapes and colors,

  • Social and Emotional

  • practicing positive separation practices, playing with peers and self in a safe manner, taking turns, following a daily routine, meaningful play

  • Large and Fine Motor Development

  • scribbles on paper, painting, building, climbing up and down without assistance, adding/ removing objects, running, dancing, throwing balls, simple puzzles

  • Self Help Skills

  • helping with dressing self, drinking from cups, eating with a spoon, climbing on and off furniture safely, washing hands

  • Science/ Discovery

  • Sensory safe materials, found in nature, stimulate the 5 senses, a part of other traditions and cultures

  • Children will not move up into our preschool class until they are potty trained and out of diapers. We will continue to assist each child to maintain healthy habits.

    Inclusive preschool program that is themed based and enriched with literacy. We have a age appropriate stimulating learning environment that includes all types of learners. We offer a wide variety of planned activities that are altered to meet the needs of each individual learner in the classroom.

    Our curriculum During the school year is Big Day Curriculum along with other research based curriculum, activities, and assessments that allow every child the opportunity to build on current skills and learn new skills to better prepare them for kindergarten and the years following. This curriculum meets the Texas prekindergarten guidelines and is utilized by our school district. We focus on five primary domains of development but do not limit our activities by age. We offer many opportunities and activities each day to accommodate all types of learners.

    Communication and Assessments: The teachers communicate daily accomplishments, behavior, and other concerns through our weekly communication log and annual teacher conferences. This age follows a teacher create daily schedule to ensure security, confidence in each child, and maintain classroom management. At the beginning of each school year ( September - May) your child’s teacher will provides a welcoming letter, supply list, classroom expectations and discipline guidance and policy which coincides with our centers policies.

    • Oral and Language Development

      • participates in group discussion, speaks clearly in complete sentences, waits turn to speak, recognizes rhyming, forms correct sounds for letters and words, communicates needs and wants vs. actions

    • Social /Emotional Development

    • following directions, accepts teachers authoritative role, respects and accepts others feelings, has self-control over own actions and feelings, has a positive self-image, works well in groups, shares and plays well with others, follows routine, can dress self, can use restroom without assistance

    • Emergent Reading Skills;

    • hold book properly, turns pages correctly, recognizes alphabet, recognizes and recites familiar stories, reads sight words, follows along while read to, comprehends story, discusses events in story, can predict story outcome, sounds out letters, blend letter sound to make words

    • Fine motor/ Writing Skills

    • understands and copies print, correct letter and number formation, holds pencil correctly, colors in lines, write from left to right, writes first name, illustrations of people with body parts, cuts with scissors, lace and bead, manipulate play dough

    • Mathematic Skills

    • 1:1 correspondence, sorts by attributes, divides items, counts in numerical order, understands positional/ direction terms, money value, tells time, simple addition and subtraction

    • Creative Arts

    • Painting, play dough sculpture, mosaics, recycled materials, markers, crayons, colored pencils, stencils, still art, canvas art

    • Science/ Discovery

    • Safe sensory play, stimulates and uses senses, found in nature, cultures, different traditions, inventions, creations, robotics, chemistry,

    All age group activities are not limited to those listed this is just a overview of activities and age appropriate milestones.

    These Pathways to Readiness provide our children, families, and teachers with age appropriate research based indicators and benchmarks to help each child’s growth and development in all five learning domains. Our classroom learning centers allow for teachers to add and remove learning materials to accommodate all types of learning styles and to produce meaningful play each day. We are dedicated to assisting your child to meet the demands of their educational years beyond the time with us.